The Impact We Have in Life

The Impact We Have in Life

They say that human beings aspire to have impact: to know that when we die, we will be remembered for something, for something significant.

Local Volunteers Make a Difference

When a group of local volunteers got together to send a container to an orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), it was just that – let’s do something that counts. It was roughly two months in the planning, and with the generous help of a charity called Compassion Resources Warehouse in Victoria, the container was filled with all sorts of valuable items.  International Widows and Orphans Fund managed the collection of goods, as well as donations to pay the shipping cost, and in June 2015, the container was shipped.

Dealing With Customs Officials in Africa

It was a long process – 12 days to get from Vancouver port to Tanzania, half way around the world, and 4 weeks to travel the last 1000km. In the process, we had to deal with border officials in Tanzania (port or entry) and DRC, who all wanted a piece of the pie. In the end, the final cost (including additional storage fees, duties, paying an Official to travel with the container, special penalties, etc.) exceeded the original budget by a great margin (i.e. 2.5 times). However, the container arrived safely with all the goods intact, which was a great blessing.

Children’s Lives Changed

When we look back now 6 months later, we can see the real impact. Children who had no toys at all, now each have their own special toy, they also have more than one outfit to wear after school, they have books to read, they have healthy dried vegetables and apples to eat (thanks to Gleaners in Abbostford), seeds to plant in the garden, sowing machines to make their own school uniforms, and much more.

Small Sacrifice Here, Means Large Impact There

It took a little generosity and a little effort by a few people to have a major impact in the lives of 35 war orphans in a country on the other side of the world. Why not join us and make a difference! See our work at , or join one of many other local charities to make a difference in someone’s life. It truly is more blessed to give that to receive. Try it!