2013 to 2017

2013 to 2017

Where it all started

iWOF was incorporated in June 2013. Our first priority was education and in September 2013, all the children were able to attend school – some for the very first time!

Nutrition is a major challenge in Congo, not only to find enough to fill the stomach, but nutritious food that stimulates healthy development. In 2014 a small vegetable garden was started at the orphanage to supplement a staple diet of rice and beans.

  • September 2014, children moved to Mango Tree School with smaller class sizes and dedicated teachers.
  • October 2014 – visited the orphanage to meet the team and build relationships.
  • June 2015 – shipped a container filled with clothing, books, dried food, clothing, bicycles, water tank, hospital packs for the community, and many more items.
  • September 2015 implemented learning needs support with an after-school teacher.

A Permanent Home

In April 2017, we purchased 2 acres of land to build a permanent home for Grace Orphanage.

We fenced a quarter acre for vegetable growing. Hosea (orphanage manager) with the help of a few children who show a real interest in agriculture have planted cabbage, eggplant, and wild spinach. Great progress.

In early December 2017, we finished the guard house, which will provide for security on the property. Unfortunately very much is still needed.

    • Property assessed for well water and found to contain a large supply.
    • Septic system being designed by engineers in Canada.
    • Main building designed to double as a Reading Centre.