2019 Progress at Grace Orphanage

April 2019

Second House Completed

A second, larger home for 18 children was completed, intended to eventually be used as a transitional home to bring new children into the orphanage’s care.

May 2019

Security Wall Completed

The security wall with razor wire and gates is completed, providing much-needed protection for the orphanage. A big undertaking considering it is no small feat to fence 2 acres brick by brick.

June 2019

First Graduate

Ana Mbilizi was the first child under Grace Orphanage’s care to graduate secondary school. Congratulations Ana!

August 2019

Communal Kitchen Completed

The communal kitchen was completed, providing facilities to cook efficiently for all the children.

September 2019

Septic System (Phase 1) Installed

The septic system for the first 2 homes constructed was installed.

September 2019

Construction Starts on House #3

Construction got underway on the 3rd home for 10 children at the new site. So far, the foundation and exterior walls have been completed, with fundraising ongoing to cover the balance of the estimated $25,000 construction cost.

October 2019

Solar System Installed

The Congo (DRC) benefits from an abundance of sunlight, so the new solar system providing electricity at the new site should ensure the facility has the energy it needs each and every day.

November 2019

Fresh Water at New Site

The well was drilled, the water tanks were installed, and the plumbing was hooked up, providing fresh water to the new site. Good quality water will go a long way in preventing waterborne illness.

December 2019

The Outside Community Receives Access to Fresh Water

Not only does the well drilled on-site provide clean water to Grace Orphanage, but a tap was hooked up to provide fresh water to the outside surrounding community.

December 2019

Move to the Permanent Home

A dream years in the making, the move from the temporary rental accommodation to the Orphanage’s permanent home has taken place, just in time for the holidays! The children are so thankful for their new home.