Anna Mbilizi’s Story

Anna Mbilizi

Anna Mbilizi’s Story

Anna MbiliziMy Name is ANNA MBILIZI. I was born in Mushero village and grown up in Kigongo village at the coast of the Lake Tanganyika. My both parents were Christians, and my father died from the injury from a fall. 3 years later my mom was taken from our house to unknown place, and till now I haven’t heard any news concerning her life.

My mom was always telling me that she gave birth to 1 boy and 2 girls before being with my dad, and that she left them at their home village, myself wanted to see them but couldn’t be able due to a long distance.

My mom was a prayerful lady, most of the time she was teaching me to intercede for other people. She loved me and I also loved her a lot. One day at noon 2 armed people got to our house. As there was nobody in the house, they led up to our farm where I was working with my mom. After a while they told her to stop working, and led both of us to our house.

Later they told her to take clothes from the house, then they led  her to unknown place. I cried a lot willing to follow my mom, but I was stopped and knocked down. I returned home knowing that my mom is going to be killed.  After that a neighbor came to hug me and comforted me that my mom would be back after a while. From that time, he took me to his house  I stayed for long time waiting that my mom could be back but I didn’t see her any more.

Later I felt unhappy to stay in that neighbor’s house and decided to start living street’s life. On the street my life turned to be very bad, for there was no food, clothes, shoes, medication nor education. We were drinking very bad water sleeping outside without something to cover for ourselves, most of the times, boys were disturbing girls.

Really I was living there because I had no other place to live, I hated street’s life.

It came one day when I met Brother Hosea sharing the word of God with street fellows. I felt his speech corresponding to what my mom was telling me. After his preaching I had time talking to him concerning my life and the place where I came from and my life on the street.

At that time I asked him if he could find a place for me to live at his church. Hosea did not answer to what I told him and later told me to wait for him and that he would be back within 1 week. Hosea left and I kept waiting. After a week he returned, and when I saw him from afar immediately I rushed to hug him. Then he told me to wait for him until the end of the service. After service, he talked to me confidentially to follow him, then he led me up to children’s home here I am living till now.

Here at the orphanage, I’m learning to sing, and I do help with kitchen works each Saturday. I always be happy when I serve foods to my fellow children at the dining room especially when they clap hands for me after the leaders mentioning my name. I do also help cleaning girl’s room each weekend. While being here, my life has changed a lot. I love to serve others, I love to swim and sing in group, and also football is my favorite game.

I had a lot of difficulties during my first month at school but now thank God for Grand David’s teachings on each Sunday evening about the important of school in people’s life. I am now doing well in class and I had performed well in this first Term. I have passed my exam; I keep praying that I will pass to the next class. I thank God for Oceanside Church to support us. I am working hard to achieve my vision of becoming a pastor.

Thank you.