Fund-raise At School

Fund-raise At School

Host a Bake Sale:

Sell a variety of baked goods to your student body and donate the proceeds to iWOF.

Theme Dress-up Days:

Host a bold and creative themed dress-up day. Ask students to make a donation to participate and come to school dressed up as their favorite celebrity, a wacky hair day, 60s, 70s or 80s era, or whatever theme you can come up with.

Lip-synching Competition:

Host a school wide lip-synching contest. Encourage staff members and each grade to register their band. Charge an entrance fee for the student body and parents to watch the performance and vote for their favorite.

Student challenge:

Challenge older grades to organize a fundraising activity for younger grades – maybe a sport day, or a  dance-a-thon, or a fun run.

Other ideas:

Please e-mail us your ideas at our “Contact” page.