“Driven To Give” Fundraiser Supports Orphanage

“Driven To Give” Fundraiser Supports Orphanage

Press Release – Nanaimo, 29 July 2016: Johann van Rensburg, President of International Widows and Orphans Fund (iWOF) received a cheque for $6,800 this summer from Steve Marshall Lincoln. The Funds were raised under Lincoln’s Driven to Give program, a unique and exciting way to engage with the local community and support their fund-raising efforts.

In the photograph, from left to right: Chelsea McDonald (Steve Marshall Lincoln), Dr. Kristen Butler (Island Optimal Health & Performance and Moksha Yoga), Johann Van Rensburg (President iWOF), and the Steve Marshall Promotions team – Jenna Epp and Emily Gates. Sherdan White, who had been instrumental in making this event possible, was away during picture taking.

What is iWOF and Who do We Support?

iWOF (www.iwof.ca) is a Nanaimo based, Canadian registered charity that was formed to support widows and orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo, specifically Grace Orphanage (www.grace-orphanage.org) where 35 orphaned children have found a home in a rented house. This is their third year of supporting the orphanage and all the children are now attending school. They are now working on improving education, supplying better nutrition for the children and are raising funds to buy land for a permanent home for the orphans and staff.

Our Partners

Island Optimal Health and Moksha Yoga partnered with iWOF to make the fundraiser a huge success.  Their team of employees have been huge supporters of Grace Orphanage in Congo, with their Project 365 fundraiser in 2015 having raised enough money to supply breakfast for the children for a full year.

Thank You

“I would like to thank Lincoln Canada and Steve Marshall Lincoln for their strong support of local community and local people involved in charity work. Thank you to the Steve Marshall Promotions team and also a special thank you to Kristie and the team from Island Optimal, without all their support and hard work, this event would not have been a success. They have made a difference in the lives of 35 young children on the other side of the world, who are in desperate need of help”, says Johann Van Rensburg.