Mwanebana Sadiki

Mwanebana Sadiki

29-Mwanebana-Sadiki(boy 12yrs.) Born in Muranvia, Mwanebana’s father was captured by soldiers while hunting in KahuziBiega National Park . His mother went to look for her husband and was never seen again. An old sick woman in the village was trying to care for Mwanebana, when GRACE MINISTRIES CHILDRENS HOME found him. He is now is grade 6 at secondary school. His vision is to serve in the orphanage.

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  1. Johann Van Rensburg     December 18, 2015 at 2:08am

    Mwanebana is one of the oldest children at the orphanage. Very mature, an older brother to the younger ones, he has to often play peacemaker when sibling rivalry gets a bit out of hand. Mwanebana is in high school and wants to become more involved in the operations of the orphanage. He has helped with the outreaches when the staff recently shared clothing, that arrived in the container, with widows in the area. He is very good role model for the kids.

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