Newsletter – October 2014

Newsletter – October 2014

Grace Ministries Children’s home was conceived in 2008 by David Mtange and Hosea Marudi in Response to the needs of a nation torn apart by civil warfare.

Grace Ministries Children’s Home is a centre for orphaned children located in Uvira district in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. We provide housing, clothing, food, health care, education and many other needs to 38 children from around eastern DRC. We are able to provide these needs solely through the donations of individuals like you. Grace Ministries has no corporate or foundational support. We rely on the charity of ordinary citizens to achieve our goal of providing a safe place for children, free from the desperation of living in one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

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In September this year, we were able to move the children to a Christian School – Mango Tree School at the Congo for Christ Centre. The school is a 20 minute bus ride, followed by a 15 minute walk from the orphanage. We were very impressed by the quality of education and commitment of the teachers. The Centre is supported by Global Outreach Inc., out of Prescott, Arizona.

The kids seem to be settling in well and we will receive the first term academic report in December.

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Mango Tree School is a 20 minute bus ride from the orphanage – a new experience for the kids.

Class sizes are not optimal, but the children are used to a more disciplined lifestyle, so unruly behavior in the classroom is not an issue. [/column]