Fiscal Responsibility

We commit to keeping our fundraising expenses to a minimum and will ensure that your donations make it to the children. IWOF is 100% volunteer-run.


Still to Fund

There has been significant progress on the development of the new facility over the past number of months, including:

  • the first small house for 10 children was completed;
  • the large house for 18 children was completed;
  • the security wall and gates to provide secure access, necessary to keep the children and the facilities protected for years to come has been completed;
  • the agricultural area continues to yield impressive crops, providing not only nutritious food for the children, but also teaching them about responsibility, self-sustainability, and agriculture;
  • the first phase of the septic system has been installed;
  • the communal kitchen should be completed this week;
  • well drilling is underway, the water tank stand has been constructed and two 5,000 litre tanks have been purchased, with fresh water for both the orphanage and surrounding community expected later this month;
  • the foundation has been poured for the third house for 10 children;
  • and, solar installation has just begun.


However, there is still a long way to go on our journey towards completion of the facility to house up to 60 orphans and ultimately, self-sufficiency for the orphanage.

With your continued support over the coming weeks, the third children’s home will be completed, paving the way for the transition from the temporary housing situation, which you have so graciously supported, to this permanent facility. From here, the construction of 2 additional homes will allow for more vulnerable children to be brought in under the care of Grace Orphanage, providing a path for a brighter future. A Reading Centre will be the next project that will benefit not only the children on-site, but also the widows and orphans of the immediate community. The centre will be used to teach basic literacy and give hope to these extremely poor neighbours.