Fiscal Responsibility

We commit to keeping our fundraising expenses to a minimum and will ensure that your donations make it to the children. IWOF is 100% volunteer-run.

Facility Development

There has been significant progress on the development of the new facility over the past 10 years:

  • four houses completed and filled with 46 children;
  • two staff houses completed;
  • the first house built was converted into an on-site library for the children and an administration office.
  • a Reading Centre was constructed and the first group of 10 women went through a reading and business program in 2023.
  • the agricultural area continues to yield impressive crops, providing not only nutritious food for the children, but also teaching them about responsibility, self-sustainability, and agriculture;
  • the first phase of the septic system has been installed;
  • the communal kitchen has been built where meals are prepared for 54 children and staff every day;
  • water well installed with solar pump to feed two 5,000-liter tanks, with fresh water for the orphanage and surrounding community;
  • solar power has been installed to supply the homes and we are planning for a large system that will enable us to cook with electricity for the first time.
  • the security wall and gates to provide secure access, necessary to keep the children and the facilities protected for years to come has been completed;
  • Two acres of land was purchased in 2017 as a future home for Grace Orphanage.


However, there is still a long way to go on our journey towards completion of the facility to house up to 60 orphans and ultimately, self-sufficiency for the orphanage.

With your continued support, we are planning another house to take even more children off the street. We would like to expand our reading and business program to add micro loans and mentoring for the widows to help them start their own businesses. We are working on a sustainability plan to help the orphanage be less reliant on donations and start to supply their own vegetables and chicken, but also pursue business opportunities to generate income.