Since 2013, we have supported an orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the poorest and dangerous countries in central Africa.  Started by two local residents with a small team of volunteers in 2008, they provide housing, clothing, food, healthcare, and education to 35 children. Orphaned by war and poverty, the children live in a safe place.

We believe that education is the best hope to escape the strong grip of poverty.  We have been paying for the orphans’ school fees, supplies and uniforms.

Currently, the children and staff are crowded into a rented home:  3 to 4 children share a bed, 35 of them share three bedrooms and one toilet.  Food is prepared without running water: water is hauled by the older children from Lake Tanganyika. While water for drinking is purified with tablets, un-sanitized water is used for washing dishes, clothes and bathing the children.

We have purchased 2 acres of fertile land and are raising funds for the construction of a permanent facility (see blueprints above) to house 60 orphans, a well and a farm to grow their own food. Meet our children and read their stories.

This is a short video of where it all started.