Reading Centre

IWOF Reading Centre will help lift women out of poverty

With your support, widows and single moms can learn to read, write, create a business plan and start their own business with a $50 micro loan – all in 9 months – at the new IWOF Reading Centre in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Just $70/month for 12 months supports one woman to complete the program.

The Project: IWOF Reading Centre
Fundraising Goal: $100,000
Raised to Date: $90,000
Project Status: Land purchased; Construction began January 2021
Building Completion: January 2022
What’s Next: Find donors to sponsor 20 women to complete the program

The Facility

  • New 2,300 sq.ft. Reading Centre
  • Adjacent to Grace Orphanage in the Uvira area of DRC
  • 2 classrooms
  • Charcoal fire kitchen and picnic tables
  • Lounge area for networking
  • Shaded balcony to get away from the African sun

The Reading Centre Training Program

  • 9-month program (with 3m follow-up) includes all materials
  • Single moms and widows share ideas and learn to live in community
  • Participants’ children receive free childcare and nutritious meal daily
  • Local teachers teach basic reading and writing skills
  • School principal supplies progress reports
  • Alternativ Global Entrepreneurs instructors teach business and finance
  • Participants write their own business plan and receive $50 micro loan
  • Follow up and support 3 months after completion

Why it Matters
Many women barely survive on one meal per day in Congo, where a 15-year war killed over 5 million people and left over 1 million widows and more that 3 million orphans.

They have no running water, no government subsidies, no police to protect them. They are abused and struggle to get by — every day. Systemic discrimination against women and girls prevents them from learning to read or write to break the cycle of poverty. They are without hope.

You Can Make a Difference
You can change a life. You can give hope. Your donation to cover basic literacy skills and a nutritious meal will bring human dignity to vulnerable women. It will empower them to start a business or get a job that will provide income for a better life for them and their children.

Because of you, a woman will be able to read stories to her child, read a job posting, apply for a driver’s license, be empowered to vote, read health warning labels on medicine, or start a business. Imagine the impact you will have even on the next generation!

Just $70/month for 12 months supports one woman to complete the program.

An estimated 3.5 million children in Congo are not attending primary school because they are living alone on the street or their parents cannot afford to purchase school supplies, mandated uniforms, and the monthly school fees.