Reading Centre

Reading Centre

Why a Reading Centre?

Imagine what life would be like if you could not read: you cannot text a friend, or e-mail a far-off relative, or write a letter to your Grandma. You cannot use Google to search for anything, or even make a phone call. Imagine.

An estimated 3.5 million children in Congo (DRC) are not attending primary school because they are living alone on the street or their parents cannot afford to purchase school supplies, mandated uniforms, and the monthly school fees. Illiteracy directly affects an individual’s health and well being. For example, women who can read are four times as likely to know how to protect themselves from HIV infection than those who can’t. Similarly, a child is 50% more likely to reach the age of six if their mother can read.

In the immediate area around Grace Orphanage, many children do not have any hope of an education. We want to help these children!

Tutors at the orphanage will teach basic reading skills to children and single moms of the area. Two teachers who help struggling Grace Orphanage children with tuition in the afternoon will teach in the mornings when the Grace children go to school.

Please join us to give a generation of children hope, not only for a better life but also for the basic equipping to exist in a data-driven world. We are raising funds to build the facility that will house the Reading Centre. The estimated cost to complete the main building is $18,900 (we have raised $20,000). IWOF will forward the funds to the orphanage Director, David Mtange, who have contracted with a local builder to complete the building. Under CRA rules, there will be direction and control of the funds, with full accountability before a subsequent transfer is made. Operating funds to pay the teachers are already in place through monthly donors.