Imagine not being able to read to your kids, or text a friend. Or search for health information, or how to get a driver’s license.

This is the reality for many widows in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The 15-year civil war has killed over 5 million people, leaving many widows to care for their children. With no income and no social safety net, many are forced into prostitution.

Many widows never went to school.  In fact, 3.5 million children in Congo are currently not attending primary school. Studies have shown that mothers who can read raise healthier children.  Within a 2km radius around Grace Orphanage there are about 120 widows. We want to help these single mothers.

Starting in 2018, we will open a Reading Centre at our new property.  For 3 mornings a week, local widows and their children will receive:

  • Instruction on reading and writing
  • A nutritious meal
  • School supplies
  • Access to toys and games
  • Companionship and health information

The annual cost for this project is $7,500 which will pay for 2 part-time teachers and food.

Please join us to change lives of mothers desperate for help.