Riziki Asee

Riziki Asee

35-Riziki-Asee(8 year old girl) Born in Muranvia village. At the age of four, Riziki’s father abandoned his family and left the village. Riziki’s mother had a great singing voice and became a worship leader in a Pentecostal church. She received an invitation to sing in a church in Mutarule village. They camped there for 3 days, and on their last night, the village was attacked by a group of armed men. They killed 29 people including Riziki’s mother. Grace Ministries found Riziki living with a poor man who was surviving by begging on the street. She is one of the hard working girls in her class; her vision is to serve in the Government

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  1. Johann Van Rensburg     December 18, 2015 at 2:18am

    Meeting Riziki in October 2014 at the orphanage has so impacted my life. I felt guilty about all the times I complained for no reason really – compared to an 8 year old girl being left alone in the world with no family. In a country that does not know about child psychology and counseling, and caring for a small child chased into the night by shooting lunatics who just killed her mother in cold blood. I cannot imagine the horror of waking up from that nightmare with no one to comfort her. What if it was my little girl who was cold and lonely and scared and no one to hold her and keep her safe and warm. I had to do something! A little bit of money every month is such a small gesture, but at least Riziki will eat every day.

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