This Christmas, Sponsor a child at Grace Orphanage

This Christmas, Sponsor a child at Grace Orphanage

This beautiful child is Grace Fuhara, she is a 7 years old, born in local village, Mutarule. She is an orphan, she lost her father to a rebel attack on their village and her mother died when she was 6. Our devoted team at Grace Ministries found her living with her grandmother. The elderly woman was blind and unable to adequately care, feed or protect her. Grace is now in the sanctuary provided by Grace Orphanage, she is now attending grade 2 and dreams one day of becoming a doctor.
Grace is a warm and gentle soul; she suffers from her trauma in silence oblivious of the children playing around her. Your sponsorship will provide not only the essentials required for survival but the support and therapy to overcome her condition. She will be able to live a contributing and productive life.
As little as $25 per month will ensure that Grace is safe, healthy and continues to learn; she will graduate with the education she needs to fulfill her dreams.
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  1. Johann Van Rensburg     December 18, 2015 at 2:03am

    When I visited Grace Orphanage in October, 2014. Grace was one of my favorite children to spend time with. Very intelligent and determined, but sometimes just a little girl that needs a hug and to be loved in a cruel world that dealt her a tough hand.

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